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weed lounge not reporting


is it me or is weedlounge just not reporting?

played on there at least 3 times in the last few days now, and never have i seen my score being registered by the ladder

anyone knows wassup?
just played as Marti

(will have to look in my ss folder which one it was exactly as i think i had one screen as proof that i actually played)

22/12/2015, #343, .rC|Marti


theres your proof, its the UK server

23/12/2015, #344, |BC|hure

Yeah, they arenīt reporting atm..only the FrT Server...

23/12/2015, #345, |ZM|Glock

Hey Hure, do you speak french ?! please. My joint to clan |BC|please, mais j'aurais un double clan avecc les |ZM|. Thanks in advanced :3

23/12/2015, #347, .rC|Marti

no glock, you cant.

24/12/2015, #348, |ZM|Glock

No Marti, you no, My speak to |BC|hure :3

24/12/2015, #349, |ZM|Glock

My speak a |BC|hure

24/12/2015, #350, Sp33dy|3i|

It's holidays time now, so Sil3nt might be busy, but I will inform him about this.

24/12/2015, #351, |BC|hure

So first of all, lol..got autobanned from the FrT Server lel, idk why..but anyways Glock....no is my answer and btw if you want to be part of our community..first learn to speak english a bit more fluently, btw never saw your clan tag or even your name...

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