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Fake Teamkills Vote


I just left a game so I can report this as i have not seen this one before.

A player who i believe was under the name Fhpj voted to kick me about 1 minute into a game I had just started. The vote came through showing I had 7 TKs. I had only 1 death at the time.

The game was played on minecraftworld Kin Server -DE at approx 1244pm EST. I took a screen shot of the vote and saved it, not sure how to upload photo here.

This is one of many harassing things going on lately including a player named (Kami)Kase or variations of such and who uses other fake names who comes in and teamkills me when I have the flag almost every game and runs up a bunch of teamkills of players

I am getting tired of this garbage. These people need to be banned permanently. Others witness this stuff.

29/11/2015, #326, LESSTHANZERO

Just to be clear, I had ZERO teamkills and had only died once since starting to play. So my deaths were 1

01/12/2015, #327, cannonfodder

Hello LESSTHANZERO, that Server isn't party of the ac-fraglog ladder ;)

02/12/2015, #328, Sp33dy|3i|

Wether it is or its not fraglog server, we could still blacklist him, but we need proof. LESSTHANZERO, next time take some screenshots and screenshots of his IP. As you said this same person does offnese others often, so its it would be legit to bl him :)

06/12/2015, #332, LESSTHANZERO

Happened again today. Same vote 7 teamkills, player gmpo
Frt something server acfrag. I took a screen shot let me see if I can host it so post link

06/12/2015, #333, LESSTHANZERO

SCREENSHOT game played approx 535pm Frt server ac-fraglog.tk


06/12/2015, #334, LESSTHANZERO

Dude comes in the game has these fake votes then leaves. Also Kamikase comes in games just teamkills me all the time.

06/12/2015, #335, LESSTHANZERO

HEre is the prior screenshot from the first time i posted up above


11/12/2015, #339, Sp33dy|3i|

Hmmm, is this even possible? I mean if u really havent done any teamkills, but server still tells that u did. Plus, this is not evidence which would be needed for blacklist, since it only shows kickvote for teamkilling, which seems legit depeding on the fact that server shows that u got 7 teamkills.

12/12/2015, #340, LESSTHANZERO

In neither case did i have 7 teamkills. In one case I had ZERO since i just started the game, other case I think I may have had 1. Someone has hacked that kick vote. Also evidenced by the fact they left the game both times after the fake vote failed. This is what I am saying. Someone knows how to hack that vote or the server whatever, I dont know how they do that stuff.

13/12/2015, #341, Sp33dy|3i|

Probably u should write about this case in AC forums, coz this seems really complicated.

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