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Welcome to the AC Fraglog info center! If this is your first time on this website, I suggest you review the website's FAQ. Later on, look through these categories below to have full control of the game! You can also contact me through the contact form.


How do I start/what is this about?
Start by downloading AssaultCube. Open up multiplayer and join one of the ladder's servers.
How do I register/sign-up?
No sign-up nor registration required! Just join the game and see your scores coming!
I can't see my scores on the ladder?
Be patient, the ladder updates every hour, so don't play a game and come directly, play another one! If they still don't show up contact me. Also, names with 2 or less characters ('..','hi') get deleted automatically, if you're name does include only 2 characters, tell me. Scores below 10 also get deleted to spare memory. Now, once you connect, your name will be inserted into the ladder. If you haven't scored any points it will include an empty archive
Why don't I have any scores?
Once you connect, you will be a part of the ladder, that easy! If you haven't scored anything in-game then your name will not include any archived scores, but won't be deleted from the ladder.
Why don't I have an alltime rank?
Only the top 1 000 players receive an all-time rank. This makes it more dynamic when it comes to competition. Your rank is displayed as '-' and is at the bottom of each list if you do not have one. For more information about ranking, see here.
What are 'Honours' on my playercard and how do I get them?
'Honours' are titles that you are labelled with by the ladder. They attempt to describe you as an in-game player with regards to the characteristics of your gameplay. For instance, if you 'gib' a lot or 'flag' a lot, the 'Honours' will describe you as such. 'Honours' operate with these factors of your gameplay: ratio, PPH, FPH and gib:frag ratio.
Why do some players have a medal next to their name?
Players, who have medals next to their names, are currently on a playing streak. This means that they have played on the ladder for a number of consecutive days. You can read more about how to get the medal and what the boundaries are here.
How do I register my clan?
See clan registration.
How do I blacklist someone?
See blacklisting.
I've been blacklisted unfairly
See blacklist appealing.
I want to register my server!
See server registration.
What is the current date and time of the AC-FragLog parser?


Currently running servers:
FrT-LADDER @ AC-FRAGLOG.TK /connect 28763
Weed Lounge #1 - DE @ AC-FRAGLOG.TK /connect 11111
Weed Lounge #2 - DE @ AC-FRAGLOG.TK /connect 22222
Weed Lounge #1 - UK @ AC-FRAGLOG.TK /connect 11111
Weed Lounge #2 - UK @ AC-FRAGLOG.TK /connect 22222
Weed Lounge #1 - SE @ AC-FRAGLOG.TK /connect 11111
Weed Lounge #2 - SE @ AC-FRAGLOG.TK /connect 22222

Are you a server owner? Register your server by contacting me. Servers should run on a decent connection and use a blacklist.


You score with everything you do; good or bad. Teamkills, teamgibs, suicides, deaths and flag losses will decrease your score. Kills, flag scores, flag takes, flag holds and flag recoveries will increase your score. The exact number of points you get for each thing will be kept secret as for it not to be misused.

The scoring system is designed to benefit your skills in any mode you enjoy. This means that a skilled TOSOK player is in no disadvantage to a skilled CTF player, just because he can't score flags in his favourite mode. The scoring algorithm is designed in a way that it rewards the things you do based on the mode you're playing, making it a fair ladder, whether you're an LSS-pwner or a CTF-pro. By way of example, a frag in TSURV will render more points than a frag in CTF on your ladder scores.

There must be a minimum of 2 players if the mode is TDM, DM, TSURV, SURV, OSOK, TOSOK and a minimum of 4 players for any other mode in order for the scores to count!

Some tips on making the best out of the game:

  • The scoring system is designed for overall gameplay, meaning the players that do the most in the game will eventually have the highest number of points. Camping and getting 30 kills with 1 death and 0 flags gives you less than 30 kills 10 deaths 3 flags, as an example. Getting 3 kills 20 deaths and 10 flags will give you less than 20 kills 3 deaths and 5 flags, as another example.

  • Try not to teamkill or suicide. These two factors play a huge roll in scoring for the ladder. A teamkill with the teammate being the flagholder is fatal.

  • The ladder also works with the in-game score, meaning it will detect combos such as sniper+pistol, sniper+knife, knife+pistol, shotgun+knife etc... Extra points are attributed for these.


Individually, you can get ranked in the daily or all-time ranks. The daily rank has 500 slots, meaning the top 500 get a rank, while the all-time rank has 1000 slots. Your scores don't get deleted if they don't have ranks, however.

By registering your clan you are able to score points for your clan. Top 200 clans get ranked both daily and alltime. You can view who is scoring and how much for your clan.

You are automatically assigned to a country according to the place you play from. You can view how your country is doing both daily and alltime. Top 200 countries get ranked. You can view who is scoring and how much for your country. All daily and top 350 alltime ranks are shown per each respective country when viewed.


You can very easily create your own signature image that you can then show off on forums and websites. The signature image will update automatically every hour and will feature your most prominent achievements on the ladder.

Creating a personal signature image is quick and simple; all you need to have is an all-time rank!

You can create one signature per player, and only for your own player. Want one? Create one!

Point Transfers

If you change your nickname or join a new clan, you might want to have the points you earned with the old nickname come with you. This is easily done through a so-called point transfer. Simply, create a new thread with the following information. Bear in mind that both nicknames (the one you are transferring from and to) need to have an all-time rank.

Nickname (from):
Profile URL (from):
Nickname (to):
Profil URL (to):

Achievements (Monthly achievement stats)

Achievements are awarded to exceptional players on a monthly basis. Only daily entries with monthly ranks of players that have played for more than 5 hours during the month are eligible for an achievement.

You can fight for an achievement throughout the course of the month, meaning you can lose it or take it from someone else. Once the month ends, the player with the achievement will have it on his profile forever, that is, he wins the achievement.

You can view any achievements you currently have, or have won, and your current statistics on your profile. An overview of Monthly Achievement Winners every month is to be found here. Any achievement you are winning in the current month will be shown on your profile in green.

There are several attributes of your gameplay that can help you get an achievement, these are listed below:

  • Top Scorer - The player with the highest PPH (Points Per Hour)

  • Top Gibber - The player with the highest GPH (Gibs Per Hour)

  • Top Flagger - The player with the highest FPH (Flags Per Hour)

  • Played the Most - The player that played for the longest time during the period

  • Best Ratio - The player with the highest frag:death ratio

Streaks and Medals

Players, who have medals next to their names, have played on the ladder for a number of consecutive days. If you have a medal, it will be shown both next to your name in the ranking lists and on your profile.

The boundaries for the medals can be seen below:

Bronze medal: If you have played for more than 4 days in a row.
Silver medal: If you have played for more than 10 days in a row.
Gold medal: If you have played for more than 15 days in a row.

Message Board Rules

The message board should be used in a positive way. It is here to help newbies, discuss constructive topics and, of course, as a general hangaround.

The donts

  • Don't use vulgar/offensive language. Minors are part of the website's viewers.

  • Don't spam the board. One-letter replies/threads aren't cool.

  • Don't overuse abbreviations such as AFAIK and HTH. Try to be as clear as possible with everything you write.

  • Don't ask questions relevant to the ladder anywhere else than here. Let's make it clean and simple.

The dos
  • Do use the board for asking questions and help.

  • Do answer threads in creative ways.

  • Do open constructive discussions and do answer them with constructive ideas

Just try to use your common sense and you'll be alright!

Server Administration

The server administration password is given out to trusted players. Actually, it is given out to non-un-trusted players, meaning all you need to be is clean.

An admin's job is to keep the servers organised. He has the deciding vote in vote calls. Admin applications should be sent to me via the contact form. Make sure to give a good reason for why you should get the admin password. And state your name (duh)!.

If you have admin access, you can use it on any server that reports to the ladder. The list of reporting servers can be found here.

Reporting Admins

Everyone isn't an angel and neither are admins. Have you seen an admin in mischief on a server? Create a thread about it! Make sure to include a proof, such as a screenshot or a demo. Make sure to state the IP address of the admin too! 200 points are attributed for valid admin reports.

Admin Rules

  • Do not use the admin continuously. If the admin role is needed, take it, but drop it after.
  • Do not use the admin role as a threat
  • Do not kick/ban without valid reasons
  • Do not take admin using an alias
  • Do not give away your password
  • Do not change the map/mode
  • Remember that admin actions are monitored!

Breaking against these rules will result in a loss of the password.

Clan Registration

It's simple and fast to register your clan! Just create your own thread in the Message Board with these parameters included in the thread:

Clan name:
Clan tag:
Clan website:
Clan leaders/members

Your clan needs to have at least two or more members. They need to be listed on a roster on your website, IRC etc...


The AC Fraglog Ladder has a blacklist of its own. However, contributing servers from respective contributors may use other blacklists, meaning you may be blacklisted on some AC Fraglog Ladder servers but not on others. The AC Fraglog Ladder's Blacklist isn't shown in public.

Have you seen a cheater in one of the AC Fraglog Ladder servers? Create a thread in the Message Board With these parameters included:

IP* (can be partial):
Screenshot^^ (optional):

*: Press and hold TAB. Find the 'cn' column and meet up with the cheater's row. It should be a number.
**: Press and hold TAB.
***: Press and hold TAB. Look at the bottom of the dialog box. The server name is written in white.
^: Wait until the game has finished (after the intermission dialog box disappears) and then press F10. Find the demo either in your AC directory or your Documents, depending on how you configured AssaultCube. Upload it then to the web and paste the download link.
^^: Press F12 in-game or just print screen. Find it then in your AssaultCube directory.

200 points are attributed per valid blacklist. A valid blacklist is when the given parameters have been filled in correctly and a cheat is present.

Have you been blacklisted?

You can make an appeal in the Message Board. Create your own thread and try to explain what happened and why you should be un-blacklisted.

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