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AC Fraglog Update Blog


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27/09/2014, #1, SiL3nT

The ladder is now open for you to play on! :)

Are you a server hoster? We are currently looking for more servers to report to the ladder! If you are interested, create a thread in this board or contact us.


19/10/2014, #18, SiL3nT

.:. Monthly stats have been added .:.

Great news! Now you can see your scores and rank for each month. There's also a monthly archive added, so you can see how you've been doing in the past.

Have fun!


31/10/2014, #23, SiL3nT

.:. Update-Pack .:.

Several updates have been added recently to the website, these include:

1.) Playercards now show PPH and FPH
2.) Ratios for Countries and Clans are recorded.
3.) More 'Honours' on your playercard for a more encompassing description of you as a player.
4.) You can view the board without being a part of the ladder, however posting is still limited to those who are a part of it.

Enjoy! :)


08/12/2014, #37, |3i|SiL3nT

.:. Monthly ranks in playercard! .:.

You can now see your monthly ranks on your playercard. Overall ranks for each month can be seen under 'monthly ranks' on the home-page.

Have fun!


13/12/2014, #43, |3i|SiL3nT

.:. Create your signature! .:.

You can now create your own, personal signature image of your achievement in the ladder. You can then show off your signature image on forums and websites!

Have fun!


20/12/2014, #62, |3i|SiL3nT

.:. New server reporting! .:.

Great news! Brutux from FrT| has decided to let his server contribute to the ladder. You can now play on it and get your scores registered on the ladder.

For more info:

20/12/2014, #68, |3i|SiL3nT

.:. "Achievements" have been released! .:.

Compete for several achievements each month! Once you win an achievement (at the end of a month) you will have it on your profile forever, only for you to show off ;)

For more info:

09/01/2015, #99, |3i|SiL3nT

.:. "Top Fragger" has been added to Achievements! .:.

A brand new achievement is now available for you to compete for; the most frags per hour.

Also, the player profiles have been updated for a more convenient lay-out, with quick access to score comparisons with other players!


09/02/2015, #114, |3i|SiL3nT

.:. New Server from xW! .:.

A completely server is now reporting, donated by the xW team.

Voting for official maps is enabled on this server!


21/06/2015, #137, |3i|SiL3nT


The ladder has been revamped and is now better than ever! Check it out:

- Streaks and medals
- New servers
- New signatures
- Monthly achievements updated
- And much more!

Check all updates on the info page.


27/09/2015, #256, |3i|SiL3nT

.:. Problems with FrT server .:.

Today and yesterday we have encountered a scoring problem from our French server. It should be fixed by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

03/10/2015, #263, |3i|SiL3nT


Great news! We now have two servers in the U.K, two in Germany, two in Sweden, and one in France - all reporting to the ladder!

Enjoy :)

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