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IP* (can be partial):
Name**: fgh, etc.
Server***: Weed Lounge #1 - SE
Screenshot^^: http://i.imgur.com/IZ5NsiJ.jpg and http://i.imgur.com/hFIKBIw.jpg

I think he's the same guy from the other thread I've written: http://ac-fraglog.tk/board/?id=73 as Altair from France has a lot of suicides just like him (http://ac-fraglog.tk/index.php?player=116330)
He suicided and switched to team spectator - RVSF more than 100 times.
When he saw my admin he immediatly left, but came back a couple of times, always with a different name.

09/12/2015, #337, .vM|Riko

Once again: http://i.imgur.com/MDcBIho.jpg

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